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Webdesign Antwerpen - Testimonials

Simon did an extraordinary job building a successful product from scratch as frontend developer. Far beyond development, he is of exceptional value to the team in terms of keeping up the spirit, showing initiative, working with and presenting to stakeholders and brainstorming about concrete improvements to both the product and our way of work. Simon can take ownership of problems, but never loses his sense of humor or ability to put things into perspective. I would definitely recommend hiring him, and would love to work with him in the future.

Bart BoermansCarNext
Webdesign Antwerpen - Testimonials

The last couple of months, I’ve been working together with Simon and this went really well. He can work independently, is flexible during changing business requirements whilst keeping everyone involved up-to-date. This frees up my time to focus more on the business. Overall, I would recommend him to anyone looking for a great developer!

Florian GoossensRadix
Webdesign Antwerpen - Testimonials

Simon is a talented front-end developer possessing an outstanding amount of energy, determination and agility. I worked together with Simon for three months during the launch of our recruiter assistant web platform. I was deeply impressed by how Simon approaches front-end development with precision and efficacy. His pro-active attitude resulted in an excellent web platform that made our customers happy. Any team, small or large, would be lucky to have Simon.

Enias CailliauRadix
Webdesign Antwerpen - Testimonials

Because I'm not that technical, I found Simon through a mutual friend. During our first conversation he immediately had some good ideas and we connected right away. After a short week, Simon had already made the basic layout of my entire website and after some further adjustments my site quickly went online. I myself was stunned how fast this went! He's a great guy to work with; professional, friendly, creative and all for a right price! The service after delivery is also good, nothing is too much and he's always at your service. Definitely recommended for anyone who knows what he wants but does not have enough technical knowledge about this type of stuff.

Geert KnapenKnG Painting
Webdesign Antwerpen - Testimonials

It has been a joy working with Simon over the last 2 years. He's highly motivated, creative and eager to learn. If you're looking for a communicative team player with great problem solving skills, look no further!

Bram SchrijversZappware
Webdesign Antwerpen - Testimonials

Simon developed for our beauty, wellness and solar center a professionally made, mobile-friendly website at a fair cost. It was clear from the start that an enthusiastic developer as Simon wouldn't shy away from any challenge. He made personal photographs from our company, the entire operation was analyzed and Simon also gave some creative tips to attract new customers, which were professionally incorporated into the website. Recommended for anyone who wishes to start a fresh design or a new version of their old site!

Luc KellerEsthetiek Lorelei
Webdesign Antwerpen - Testimonials

I met with Simon because I didn't have a clue of how to set up a new website. I needed someone who could clearly explain everything in a way that I could understand and I knew that he was the right person for this. Simon helped me to figure out how I can optimize my website and responded to questions when I had them. The website itself is user-friendly and pretty easy to customize, which was important since I'm not that technical.

Fabian CrapsScience Based Training
Webdesign Antwerpen - Testimonials

I hired Simon for a custom-built content management system for my marketing website. Simon is available and it’s easy to communicate with him. I’m very happy with the results and would recommend him for rails related projects! He is also a nice guy which makes working with him even better :)

Maxime SalomonTheGrowthBakery
Webdesign Antwerpen - Testimonials

Our experiences with Simon were excellent, he upgraded our website with a modern design with great professionalism and knowledge. Simon thinks solution oriented, is creative and has a critical outlook. Optimizing our outdated website was therefore the main goal. Result: A website to be proud of! It's clear, easy to access and orderly. Also the follow up of the website is fine. In addition, he explained to us in a simple way how we can add or change things on our website.The cooperation was pleasant, professional and 'to he point'. So recommended!

Stephane VerelstAutocars Stephane Verelst
Webdesign Antwerpen - Testimonials

The collaboration with Simon went very smooth and fine. I was helped whenever I had a problem or a question about my site. The price-quality ratio is really excellent. For those who want a professional and attractive website at a reasonable price, Simon comes highly recommended!

Lars DesmetPersonal Training

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