The Best Under 100 Dollar Purchases I've Made

The Best under 100 Dollar Purchases I've made - Webdesign Antwerpen

The biggest changes to happiness don't necessary come from a big-ticket purchase. But from removing the little daily annoyances in life.

If you want to spend money on your happiness, don't think: "What should I buy to become happy", but: "What are the day to day objects I use that could use an upgrade instead?"

I was inspired to create a page to list some of the best sub-100$ purchases I've made in my life. All of these are things I use daily.

I'll continue to update this list and limit myself to 5 things. Probably will have to bump the $ amount due to inflation at some point.

I wish everyone made a list like this.

  1. Philips Wake-up light
  2. JBL live pro 2
  3. Sleepmaster sleep mask
  4. Oral B electric tooth brush
  5. Kobo Clara HD ereader

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