Zappware - Webdesign Antwerpen


At Zappware I got the chance to contribute to their "One-TV" platform. It is basically an ecosystem of different client devices (web, android, ios, STB, ...) that allow the user to discover and play content from different sources. You can compare it a bit with netflix, but then with additional content from regular television channels.

I myself worked mainly on the web client. More specifically I worked on the login/first install flow, the displaying of and navigating through the content, settings screens, restricting parental rated content, the ability to buy/rent/subscribe and many other features.

During these two years I learned a lot about javascript, react, graphql and design patterns. In addition, I also helped with configuring and optimising the jenkins build server. Together with the designers, analysts and the QA team we were able to achieve a great end result!

Overall it was a very cool experience to never forget!


  • reactreact

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