Web Application

Looking for some specific functionality or do you even plan to launch a brand new concept? We can help you with that!

Looking For Something Unique?

You have a unique business idea that you’d like to realize, but you don’t have enough technical knowledge to make this a reality? Or otherwise you’re looking for some help/additional functionality with your existing Javascript/Ruby On Rails application? No worries! We can help you with this!

We build handmade web applications where you get full say in the design and functionality. Can you imagine it? We can make it!

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Need More Efficiency?

With an increasing demand for your services, it becomes more important to work more efficiently. With a web application it becomes possible to automate a lot of redundant work and thus lighten your workload and ultimately save much valuable time! This way you can focus on what really matters, like actually running your business!

Think of software to manage your clients, to schedule bookings, manage projects, automate your accounting and even offer video courses. We got something for everyone!

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What Can You Expect From Us?


More than 50% of Google searches are coming from mobile or tablet since the end of 2014. Do not miss these customers by showing a modified version of your website to mobile users!

Easy To Use

No technical knowledge required for managing your application! If you can work with word and are able to fill in a contactform, you'll be able to handle this as well!

A Fast Loading Speed

Your users have little patience, especially in the times in which we currently live. With a fast-loading application, you’ll dramatically reduce the chances that your potential customers opts out!


We'll investigate what terms your users are searching for in google to find your service. Then we’ll provide your website with the necessary elements to rank for this.

Custom pricing

We understand that not everyone requires the same functionality or wants a complete custom app. Therefore, we go through the available options together to look at which solution and price works best for your situation.

Fast & Cost-Efficient

The development speed of the frameworks we use, allows us to put in a minimum of time, energy and money to launch and test your application. This way you can save yourself a lot of frustration!

How Do We Work?

Situation Analysis

We’ll arrange an informal one-on-one conversation or we meet up through skype to clarify what your specific needs are. Based on that analysis, I’ll propose the options best suited to what you need. If we find an agreement that works for the both of us, we proceed to the next step!


We'll clarify together how the application will look from the perspective of the user and how he interacts with it. We visualize this by making a 'user-flow' diagram. This way we can clearly see what pages and functionality are required.


Based on this diagram, we start working on developing the individual pages offline or we make a proposition of designs which can be used. During this fase we'll continuously forward the design for feedback and ajustments.


We specify a delivery date together, whereafter the application is developed. The development can be followed closely on a temporary web address. On project completion, we remain available for minor adjustments.

How Does This Sound? Let's Do This!

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